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Environmental Quality Assessment

The Department of Environmental Quality Assessment (ECM) has a wide experience in monitoring and managing environmental issues. In the Department, the diversity of the staff`s specializations ensures a complete and integrated approach to research topics and quality and applicability of the identified solutions. The ECM’s team is actively involved in numerous national and international projects, both in the area of environmental quality monitoring as well as in identifying and developing solutions for various environmental issues.

Air quality in Europe — 2020 report – European Environment Agency

Area Of Competence

  • Quantitative and qualitative assessment of biotic and abiotic factors;

  • Highly accurate statistical processing and interpretation of data;

  • Identifying solutions in order to remedy the anthropogenic pressures that affect the environmental factors;

  • Elaboration of experimental modules for testing of environmental protection technologies at laboratory scale and pilot scale;

  • Identification, prevention and management of accidental pollution events;

  • Providing technical assistance in the field of environmental protection.


  • Quantitative and qualitative assessment of biotic and abiotic factors so that environmental issues are identified and managed;

  • Highly accurate statistical processing and interpretation of analytical data obtained from monitoring programs;

  • Research on wastewater treatment, waste gas, industrial waste and contaminated soil;

  • Identifying, testing and applying techniques to address environmental factors affected by specific anthropogenic pressures (nutrients, exogenous or hazardous substances);

  • Realization of experimental models, laboratory scale and in pilot study areas, implementing the technological solutions tested in the department (oxidative processes, microbiological absorption, electrochemical processes, etc.);

  • Studies on physiological groups of bacteria involved in the biogeochemical cycles of nitrogen, sulfur, carbon in water, sediments, soil and sludge;

  • Evaluation of physico-chemical and biological quality elements in order to establish the ecological status of natural and artificial aquatic ecosystems;

  • Staff training on legislation, issues and solutions related to the quality of the environment.

Meet the Team


Eng. Cristina MARIA

Scientific Researcher I
Head of Department

Dr. Sergiu Fendrihan, senior researcher born 23.08.1955, specialist in microbiology. During his career, he was involved in research projects (1984-2024) related to environment protection and wastes, wastewater treatment, protection of artworks, crop protection, astrobiology, and extremophilic microorganisms, and he is a member of the National Commission for Antarctic Research of the Romanian Academy.

He participated in 34 international scientific meetings, worked on 26 research projects, and wrote 8 books and 9 book chapters. Also, he is editor and coeditor of scientific books and authored a significant number of articles.

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