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Development of the Plan for Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change in Satu Mare Municipality

(RO-MEDIU Programme)

Project Closing Conference

A new project, financed by European funds, was successfully completed. The project is carried out by Satu Mare Municipality in partnership with the National Institute for Research and Development in Environmental Protection – Bucharest. The Closing Conference was held on 20th of February 2024 at Satu Mare City Hall.

The general purpose of the project is improving the mitigation and adaptation capacity to climate change at the level of the Municipality of Satu Mare. The elaboration of that requires the fulfillment of following specific objectives:

  •      Analysis of GHG emissions for the inventory data in accordance with the city's strategic development documents;

  •      Identifying the main sectors of intervention, with the aim of significantly reducing CO2 emissions in the administrative area of Satu Mare;

  •      Assessment of sectoral risks and vulnerabilities for managing climate change adaptation issues;

  •     Involvement of decision-makers and local population in the process of developing the mitigation and adaptation measures plan to climate change.

The expected project results are related to the national and European climate change policies, the Municipality of Satu-Mare being registered in the Covenant of Mayors starting from 2010 when taking on a commitment, among other things - the proposal of an Action Plan for the Promotion of Sustainable Energy.

The main project outputs consist of vulnerability indicators and risk scores, the assessment of adaptation capacity being realized by assigning indicators from categories such as: access to services, governance and institutional capacity, physical and environmental capacity, knowledge and innovation.



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