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The 5th International Conference on Green Environmental Engineering and Technology (IConGEET) 2023

IConGEET is an annual event that brings together important voices in scientific needs and integrates knowledge in various civil and environmental-related fundamentals and applications towards achieving a green environment.

As invited speakers, the researchers of National Institute for Research and Development in Environmental Protection INCDPM from Bucharest – ROMANIA, are honored to present our projects. For more information about, check this link:

This year on 23rd – 24th of August, IConGEET 2023 will be held in Langkawi, Malaysia, a breathtaking island that is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia. With the theme, Empowering Innovation and Technology for a Sustainable and Resilient Future, the conference is intended to the cutting-edge research that addresses scientific needs and integrates knowledge and progress among academicians, researchers, industries, corporate organizations and interest groups in various environmental-related fundamentals and applications toward achieving a green and sustainable environment.

Topics of interest at IConGEET 2023

Water and Wastewater Air Pollution and Control Technologies Noise pollution Groundwater Pollution Soil Pollution and Treatment Oil Spill Desalination Sustainable Energy and Energy Management Renewable energy Environmental Remediation Environmental Sustainability and Development Greenhouse Effects

Global Warming Climate Change Environmental Management and Protection Environmental Risk Assessment & Safety Regulations Environmental Survey Remote Sensing and GIS Environmental Modelling Environmental Education Program Green Manufacturing and Technologies Pollution Prevention​ Other related topics



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