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Technology Transfer Center

“Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realise we cannot eat money.”

INCDPM Bucharest – TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER CENTER – (CCTT-INCDPM Bucharest) is an entity of technological transfer infrastructure, according to GD no.406 / 02.04.2003, Provisional authorization Certificate no. 87/08.12.2017, without legal personality, subordinated to the National Institute for Research and Development in Environmental Protection – INCDPM Bucharest. CCTT-INCDPM Bucharest is a member of the Romanian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation ARoTT.

The mission of CCTT-INCDPM Bucharest is to stimulate and facilitate the development of new collaborations between CCTT-INCDPM Bucharest and private sector stakeholders (SMEs), INCDs, scientific communities, etc., with the aim of ensuring the technological transfer and of capitalizing the research results of INCDPM Bucharest at national / international level, thus contributing to the increase of the degree of innovation and of the economic competitiveness.

CCTT-INCDPM Bucharest aims to increase the visibility and promotion of products/ processes from the research activities of INCDPM Bucharest and to ensure the technological transfer to SMEs/other interested entities in order to integrate these products/processes on the market.

CCTT-INCDPM Bucharest is interested in collaborations with entities from the innovation and technological transfer infrastructure in order to promote and to achieve of the common objectives in the field of technological development and capitalization of the research results, concluding protocols for collaboration with other technology transfer centers (Technology Transfer Center CEPROCIM SA).

  • Increasing the visibility of research and development results of INCDPM Bucharest using appropriate means to ensure technological transfer;

  • Development of new collaborations / partnerships between CCTT-INCDPM and other entities in order to stimulate technological transfer;

  • Increasing the number of patented technologies and products by directing the research fields to the applied sciences;

  • Integration into the economic circuit of the products resulting from the research activity of INCDPM Bucharest;

  • Continuous training of CCTT-INCDPM Bucharest team regarding the priorities in the field of Technology Transfer;

  • actions to promote and increase the visibility of research and development innovation results of INCDPM Bucharest;

  • organizing roundtables to stimulate the debate of some issues in the field of action of CCTT-INCDPM Bucharest with the charging of a participation fees;

  • publishing services for scientific publications, books and scientific journals in order to ensure the dissemination of research results;

  • consultancy, technological information and technology transfer services;

  • dissemination and promotion activities of research results and innovations among chambers of commerce and industry, the scientific community and the business environment, in workshops, inventions, magazines and in the online environment;

  • identifying potential partners (SMEs, universities, research centers and institutes, chambers of commerce, technology transfer entities, etc.) to collaborate on projects in national and European programs;

  • protection of inventions resulted from the research and development activity by obtaining industrial property rights, etc.

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