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“Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realise we cannot eat money.”

In order to offer the best online experience, the video gallery presents some of the most important activities of the National Research and Development Institute for Environmental Protection, such as: radio and TV interviews (Radio Romania News Interview 11. 12. 2019; Record capture made by experts from INCDPM (Huso huso 200kg), Monitoring sturgeons by INCDPM – Wild Kingdom TVR 3, Caviar War in Romania – TVR 2 TV News, Dispute between authorities on sturgeons – TVR 1 – Special Edition; Call on Danube Day – Specialists combat sturgeon poaching – TVR1 Tele journal), sturgeon monitoring activities (Specific behavior of sturgeons crossing submersible obstacles; General behavior of sturgeon migration in the Lower Danube (Huso Huso M1-M4); Sturgeon release; INCDPM Invention for sturgeon monitoring (DKTB / DKMR-01T), giant sturgeon caught on the Danube – Romania, recovery operation of a station DKMR sturgeon monitoring). The sturgeon monitoring operations, carried out by the INCDPM research team, aim to determine the current situation in terms of migration routes and the conservation status of the species, as well as updating scientific data on their behavior in the sector between the Iron Gates and the Black Sea. Taking these aspects into account, the INCDPM team, designated for sturgeon monitoring, has developed techniques and procedures to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of this activity. At the same time, the monitoring team developed patents for inventions, based on the experience gained over time, necessary to solve various problems that endanger the monitoring systems and, implicitly, can lead to the loss of databases. Thus, currently, INCDPM has managed to collect and process a unique information volume at European level, regarding the behavior of ultrasonically marked sturgeons in the Lower Danube. The important results obtained through the DKMR monitoring stations are necessary to determine the level to which the submerged hydro technical constructions do not cause the interruption of the migration routes of the sturgeon species. At the same time, the results obtained are important for quantifying the pressure caused by poaching and promoting the necessary measures to combat it.

Results of monitoring wild sturgeons marked with ultrasonic transmitters in the Danube (spring 2021)

INCDPM’s Sturgeon Monitoring – Wild Kingdom – TVR3

The Caviar War in Romania

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