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Institutional development of the National Institute for Research and Development in Environmental Protection Bucharest in order to increase capacity and performance in the environmental protection and climate change field (2022-2024) 

Digital Devices


O1.Exploitation and dissemination of knowledge and research results 
O1.1 Increase by at least 10% the number of articles in scientific journals indexed in Web of Science, Scopus, BDI
O1.2. Increase by at least 10% the number of scientific communications presented at conferences with international participation and published in volumes indexed Web of Science, Scopus
O1.3. Increase by at least 1% the number of articles published in journals ranked in the first quarter of Web of Science
O1.4 Participation in scientific communication events, fairs and exhibitions to disseminate research results 
O2. Provision of technical assistance and high-level scientific and technological services in priority areas 
O2.1 Diversify the portfolio of research activities in the field of sturgeon migration and behaviour monitoring by providing equipment, hardware and software resources and consumables specific to the processing of genetic material collected by minimally invasive techniques from sturgeon species 
O2.2. Develop capacity to assess greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals for mitigation purposes (climate change mitigation component)
O2.3.Develop capacity for morphological-hydrodynamic investigation of watercourses by upgrading the hardware and software base for in-situ measurements and hydro-morphological numerical simulation activities
O2.4 Increase the professional capacity of research teams including young researchers in the priority areas through specific training programmes/stages
O2.5 Increase by at least 10% the number of national applications/patents
O2.6 Upgrade the INCDPM internet network
O2.7 Upgrade the INCDPM website
O3.Initiate and develop viable collaborations with public and private economic partners
O3.1 Increase by at least 10% the number of innovative technologies, methods, products or services introduced and exploited on the market
O4. Increase the degree of international involvement and visibility
O4.1 EPO international patent application.
The project is integrated into the objectives of the funding programme which aims to:
(a) supporting institutional development plans to increase performance in the field at the level of departments and research groups; 
b) to support national competencies in research institutions with potential for revival in economic areas of interest to Romania;
c) developing the own capacity of public research organisations in the following directions: c1) exploiting and disseminating knowledge and research results; c2) providing technical assistance and high-level scientific and technological services in priority areas; c3) initiating and developing viable collaborations with partners from the public and private economic environment; c4) increasing the degree of involvement and visibility at international level.
Thus, through the implementation of the present project, the implementation of the institutional development plan at INCDPM Bucharest level is supported, the development of capacity by expanding research in the fields of biodiversity, climate change, morphohydrodynamic research, together with the provision of mobility, training internships, publication of scientific articles, publication of patents at national and international level. This will support the valorisation and dissemination of knowledge and research results, the initiation and development of viable collaborations with public and private economic partners, and the increase of international involvement and visibility.

Expected results to achieve the objectives

The results of the project aim to ensure adequate connectivity at the level of INCDPM Bucharest, infrastructure development and implicit investment, development of specialized services in the field of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, an area stipulated in the SNCDI 2020, with the aim of diversification towards the economic environment. 
On the other hand, the results aim at developing human resources by expanding research in the fields of biodiversity, climate change, morpho-hydrodynamic research, providing mobility, training internships, publishing scientific articles, publishing patents at national and international level.
Through the implementation of the project, the following mechanisms are envisaged to stimulate new research topics and themes for the period 2022-2024:
a) Development of partnerships with the public and private sector.
b) Collaboration with academia 
c) Investment in human resources and infrastructure
d) Stimulating international mobility of researchers.

Handshake in the Office

Objectives of Phase I/2022

Under Phase I/2022, called Improvement of the connectivity network within INCDPM Bucharest, the objectives were mainly aimed at improving connectivity at INCDPM level, together with the development of infrastructure-space layout. 

Under Phase I/ 2022, the objectives have been fully achieved. Thus, a centralised IT system composed of services, modules and applications has been set up to ensure a better functionality of the internet/intranet network at INCDPM level and, at the same time, in order to run the project optimally and to carry out the specific activities in optimal conditions, repair works have been carried out, mainly concerning renovation and sanitation works. 

Taking into account that the present project aims to deepen the fields of biodiversity, climate change and morpho-hydrodynamic investigations of water courses, the present activity aimed at ensuring adequate connectivity at INCDPM Bucharest level, by providing an efficient and effective IT architecture. Thus, purchases of network equipment, licenses, consumables, inventory items were made in order to modernize the current internet network and for the implementation of a centralized IT system. 
This activity is essential for:
(a) design and implementation of IT subsystems for research, financial-accounting and human resources directorates;
b) providing efficient on-line information and communication facilities for the Institute's staff;
c) managing the Institute's main website.
Procurement under this activity will ensure the digitisation and aggregation of research and innovation results and an efficient management of internal activities and flows of R&D&I projects at INCDPM level. 
Servers and network components have been purchased to provide shared resources for the institute staff and to ensure a digital workspace interconnection module. Other components such as communication cables, data sockets and switches were also purchased. 

Result indicators

- Communication and promotion of the project
- Significantly improved services
- Investments in RDI infrastructure of European interest located in Romania
- Access for researchers to the latest information in the field
- Mobilities supported by the programme
- Patents applied for at national level
- Improved management of intellectual property rights
- Science communication and popularisation events supported by the programme
- Scientific articles submitted for publication in indexed journals and volumes 

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